Contour Your Body Without Surgery​

Rf skin tightening, female belly

Lipocavitation or body contouring uses the property of ultrasound to reduce fat cells and cellulite in your body. The frequency of these ultrasonic waves, between 38 and 42 kHz, favors what is called the cavitation phenomenon. This means that these waves will continuously create microscopic gas bubbles inside the fat cells. These micro-bubbles eventually implode and promote the rupture of the adipocyte walls (fat storage cells). This process releases triglycerides (lipids), causing the separation of the fat clusters. This is called lipolysis. These triglycerides are then eliminated in a physiological way.

Radiofrequency is based on the diffusion of electrical micropulses in the superficial layers of the epidermis. It causes the water molecules contained in the skin to be agitated, thus heating the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues to around 55°C. This heat in the hypodermis will cause a retraction of the existing collagen fibers as well as a production of new collagen which will improve the firmness and the tone of the skin.

Lipocavitation and radiofrequency are therefore two complementary techniques to take care of your body and reshape your figure. Combined, they can reduce small curves and improve the tone, elasticity and appearance of the skin.

Treatment areas

BODY: hips, saddlebags, buttocks, stomach, inner thighs/knees and love handles FACE: jawline, neck, lids, brows

Number of sessions

6 to 10 sessions per area, every 2 to 3 days, 30 min to 1 hour each session


Painless, possible heat sensation and mild tingling

Counter indications

Metallic prosthesis, damaged or irritated skin, taking anti-coagulants, suffering from varicose veins and pregnant women cannot benefit from any session.

Face areas

Adult woman, rf skin tightening


Get 10 sessions for the price of 8. Must be purchased as a package. Areas cannot be combined.